An Inside Look into the sixth NTD International Figure Painting Competition.

This Monday I attended the preview of the sixth NTD International Figure Painting Competition at the Salmagundi Club in Manhattan, New York. The event, a celebration of traditional oil painting, showcased the works of the finalists.

Organized by NTD, the competition's mission is to promote the pure beauty, goodness, and authenticity of traditional oil painting. The preview offered a glimpse into what promises to be a remarkable event, with the organizers emphasizing the brilliance, expressiveness, and inspiration inherent in realistic oil paintings. The competition holds the prestigious Gold Award, a coveted recognition that comes with a substantial prize of ten thousand dollars.

A key highlight of the event was the invitation to participate in the competition, extending an encouraging gesture to individuals to explore the world of traditional art. For those eager to delve deeper into the competition's details visit, where additional information is available.

The Salmagundi Club, serving as the venue for this event, welcomed art enthusiasts to the finalists' exhibition, showcasing over 60 award-winning realism paintings from more than 50 artists representing 20 countries (United-States, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, Sweden etc.)

The schedule of events for the competition spans from January 8 to January 19, 2024 below a breakdown:

  • January 8-14: Exhibition Preview
    • Art lovers had the opportunity to explore the paintings before the official ceremonies commenced.
  • January 15: Opening Ceremony and Artists Registration
    • The grand opening ceremony marks the commencement of the competition, with artists registering.
  • January 18: Awards Ceremony
    • The pinnacle of the event, the awards ceremony, promised to be a momentous occasion where the winners of the Gold Award and other recognitions will be honored.
  • January 19: New Album Available
    • A new album featuring the remarkable paintings from the competition will be made available, allowing art enthusiasts to keep a quality prints of the exhibited works.

As I walked through the exhibition, I was struck by the diversity of styles, subjects, and cultural influences represented in the paintings. The artists had masterfully captured traditional values, beauty, compassion, and righteousness, delivering a powerful testament to the enduring significance of realistic oil painting in contemporary art.

In conclusion, the NTD International Figure Painting Competition stands as a beacon for realism artists worldwide, providing a platform to express their creativity while promoting the timeless beauty of traditional oil painting. The competition not only encourages participation but also invites individuals to explore art that embodies the essence of pure beauty, goodness, and authenticity.

Visit the official website of the competition here.