I am no big fan of labels or definitions. As a Human Being based in New York, I hope that by scrolling through this site you can feel a sincere passion for sharing. My interests evolve with time but the passion for learning and understanding the world is a constant. I am no writer, no designer, no (fill in the blank), all of this makes it hard with SEO keywords. I didn't make a career in art even though I believed it in it at age 18 when I took that path. I reflect a lot, I journal (Ink on paper), I write, I share, I archive...Basically I am trying to grow and become a better person with the time I have. I am an avid learner, with childlike curiosity, what it means is that I ask questions, a lot of them...and I try to answers them myself or by asking others. Imagination, Creativity, Inspiration is my fuel.

As mentioned, one constant in my life has been an interest in art, photography and learning in general, which includes foreign languages (I tried learning 8 different ones). After a 15+ years hiatus from "making art", it was rekindled by a telegram channel, museum visits, then an Instagram, and now it evolved into this website. I was holding the domaine name to build a portfolio. I later decided to turn it into a space where I can share my research about art pieces I find interesting. Doing so on a website is less restrictive than social media, even though it's a different dynamic.

It's a student's regret that sparked all of this. As a former art student in France, I could access all the art museums I wanted for free, including the Louvre. And of course, as a young adult, I didn't appreciate it enough at the time. When I moved to New York City, I got myself a membership of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Needless to say that again, I barely used it throughout the years. But everything changed post pandemic. Not being able to go to the movies, see performing arts or art in museums was much more frustrating than I expected. In 2022, I decided to go full in and "catch up" by making it into a "wellness project" for myself. The result so far: immense creativity boost and healing, quite frankly. It drives me to discover and share something I didn't know before.

In the professional world of innovation, new ideas and new perspectives are important. This process inspired me to dig deeper, find meaning and answers on what the art piece is trying to achieve. This is a great reminder for all professions and occupations, can you inspire others? Can you uplift and serve others? Good art does that.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art collects, studies, conserves, and presents significant works of art across time and cultures in order to connect all people to creativity, knowledge, ideas, and one another.