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The Italian Oil Painting Process: Titian’s Approach

An exploration of how the Venetian master Titian pioneered a new "modern way" of oil painting, departing from Flemish traditions. Titian's groundbreaking techniques are unpacked, from canvas preparations to layering processes, showcasing how his genius elevated the medium. A nuanced look at Titian's lasting impact on Italian oil painting based on the writings and analysis of Xavier de Langlais.

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Mongol Empire: Cultivating Artistic Renaissance Across Realms

The Mongol Empire, often overlooked for its literature and fine art, harbors a hidden treasure—its role in nurturing the creative spirit of diverse cultures. Join me on a journey to uncover how the Mongol Khans, remarkable patrons of the arts, ignited a revival of creativity. We'll explore eras from Genghis Khan to Kublai Khan, and the cross-cultural exchanges that enriched this empire's artistic tapestry.

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January 24, 2024No Comments

Rosa Bonheur: Artistic Autonomy Through Realistic Painting

Rosa Bonheur, born in 1822, stands out as an unconventional force in the art world of the 19th century, surpassing even Monet and Renoir in popularity. This French artist's international career, largely forgotten after her death, marked a distinct chapter in art history.

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Unveiling Masterpieces: NYC’s Exuberant Realism!

This exclusive preview at the Salmagundi Club in Manhattan transports you into a realm of traditional oil painting mastery.

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Unlocking the Enigma of a Viking Sword: The Legacy of Hartolfr

Step into the past with a Viking sword from 800-900 AD on view at the MET. On loan from Laird R. Landmann and Kathleen E. Kinney, this sword by Hartolfr stands as a testament to the era's craftsmanship. Adorned with swastikas, it sparks curiosity among scholars and enthusiasts. Explore its intricate craftsmanship, the enduring significance of the swastika, and the sword's role in human culture.

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How an Early Childhood Museum Experience Shaped My Life: Exploring the Egyptian Museum of Cairo

Embark on a transformative journey through early childhood museum visits. Explore Egypt's captivating artifacts and uncover the power of art and creativity. Rediscover the awe-inspiring wonders that shaped a lifelong passion.

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Origins of Oil Painting: More Ancient and Beyond the West

Researchers uncover something new everyday, you might have missed this major discovery from fourteen years ago.

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Chinese Scholar’s Rock in the Form of a Fantastic Mountain 

During the Qing dynasty, the appreciation of Gongshi reached its peak. Scholars and artists alike sought after the most magnificent stones to showcase in their homes and gardens. These stones have inspired China’s poets and painters. 

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February 26, 2023No Comments

Ancient Greek Bronze Veiled in Mystery

During Hellenistic times, the medium of bronze helped reach new levels of sophistication. Much detailed elements of the human form translated in this metal. Expression of the body such as our dancer here. But also naturalistic facial expressions including facial wrinkles, tendons, musculature, and veins.

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January 4, 2023No Comments

Diadumenus, “He Who Attaches” a Band around His Forehead

Master of classical Greek art, Polykleitos, revered the human figure. He created a method (the Canon) where a detailed system of mathematical calculation was to be used in order to sculpt the most perfect human form. He focused on balance and on the feel and movement of the flesh and muscle, preferably without drapery. The Diadumenus was the fruit of this intellectual approach. It greatly influenced the sense of aesthetics which played an important role in the history of Greek sculpture and beyond.

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